Elacin Universal ST24

Best universal hearing protector for everyone and every situation

With the Elacin Universal ST24, Elacin offers a new type of one-size-fits-all reusable hearing protection specifically designed for occasional use in noisy environments.

This innovative hearing protector comfortably decouples you from excessive sound.
The design, with two soft blades and curvature shaped like the ear canal, ensures minimal pressure in the ear canal. In addition, the UST24 has an acoustic filter with CoreHelixTM technology, providing the heaviest damping of all universal hearing protectors. The flat attenuation ensures that speech remains intelligible.

The grip shape ensures a tight seal between the earplug and ear because it intuitively encourages you to hold and insert the earplug correctly.

Who’s it for?

Elacin Universal ST24 is for occasional use. They are comfortable and offer good protection against excessive noise. Elacin Universal ST24 is the best alternative when a custom-made solution is not an option.

When do you need Elacin Universal ST24?

  • During concert and festivals
  • In pubs or cafes
  • During hobby activities, for example, DIY
  • Great for temp workers
  • When custom-made hearing protection is not an option


The Elacin Universal earplug is manufactured from very soft cytotoxicity-free thermoplastic elastomer (28 Shore).


The acoustical filter based on our CoreHelix™ technology has an average attenuation of 24 dB.


Elacin Universal ST24 for industrial use is available in yellow.
Elacin Universal ST24 for consumer use is available in grey.


• For occasional use
• Average attenuation of 24 dB
• Flat attenuation resulting in great speech intelligibility
• Warning signals and alarms remain perfectly audible
• Reusable
• Soft hearing protection with strongest attenuation


The Elacin Universal ST24 is available as a Single Pack or Multi Pack in convenient table display. For information, send an email to our Customer Service or call +31 088 20 80 600. We are happy to make you an offer!