Elacin ER20

The universal earplugs for music lovers

The Elacin ER20 universal earplugs are designed for music enthusiasts and general occasional use. These earplugs are much more comfortable to wear than conventional disposable or pre-shaped earplugs — and they sound a lot better.

The flat attenuation provided by Elacin ER20 lets you enjoy high-fidelity sound while being effectively protected. Elacin ER20 is the ideal introduction to wearing hearing protection and can be an important stepping stone to custom-made hearing protection.

If you are looking for more custom solutions, we recommend Elacin ER custom-made hearing protectors.

Who’s it for?

Elacin ER20 is designed for occasional use by music enthusiasts. Thanks to the flat attenuation of the acoustic filter, this earplug is great for events like concerts and festivals and going to cafes, pubs and bars.


The Elacin ER20 hearing protector is made of soft, 40-Shore silicone and comes with a cord.

The Elacin universal ER20 product range includes three versions. Each mould provides unique characteristics for a variety of situations.

  • Elacin ER20 Medium, ideal for people with wider ear canals.
  • Elacin ER20 Small, for people with narrow ear canals.
  • Elacin ER20 XS, with integrated grip for easy insertion and removal.


Elacin ER20 XS has an average attenuation of 16 dB.
Elacin ER20 Small has an average attenuation of 20 dB.
Elacin ER20 Medium has an average attenuation of 16 dB.


Elacin ER20 XS is only available in grey.
Elacin ER20 Small is only available in blue.
Elacin ER20 Medium is only available in white.


• For occasional use
• High-fidelity sound
• Protection against high noise exposure
• Soft and comfortable
• Quick and easy to clean
• Discrete, fits under a headphone
• Reusable


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