Elacin Safe & Sound Program

A lifetime of healthy hearing

Noise is all around us. Because your ears don’t tell you when there’s too much noise, the chance of hearing damage is real.

Comfortable and acoustic hearing protection being part of one’s personal protective equipment is common in the workplace. Since noise can ‘happen’ to you anytime and anywhere, wearing hearing protection in private life is just as important.

Introducing Elacin Prevention Program – Starting April 2022!

Our Safe & Sound Program helps to motivate your workforce to avoid noise induced hearing loss. The program supports the continued use of quality hearing protection at work and in private life and screens the hearing vitality of each individual. To keep them aware and safe.


More benefits
  • Comfortable hearing protection on the job
  • Attractive hearing protection solutions for private use
  • Occupational Hearing Vitality Screening
  • Accessible Online Services
  • Digital User Management
  • Safe & sound-Toolkit meetings

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