Quality & Environmental Policy

We develop, produce and supply hearing protection and safe communication products that go beyond protection only. We offer high quality and sustainable solutions for various noise protection and communication needs of our customers. We provide optimal use experience by perfect fit and acoustic comfort. We apply our quality and environmental management system to identify trends, environmental aspects, mitigate risks and maximize opportunities. We monitor changing regulations and work to continuously improve quality and reduce environmental impact of our products, services and processes. We commit ourselves to compliance with applicable legislation and regulations. This policy applies to all Elacin’s offices, which are in the following countries: NL, DE, FR and RO and is communicated on our website Elacin.com.


Eliminate noise induced hearing loss.


We aim to be the European market leader for sustainable hearing protection, safe communication and safe listening. Our portfolio empowers users to protect their hearing from excessive noise without impairment. We develop, select and offer a range of products and services which provide the best speech intelligibility, situational awareness and sound experience.

  • License to Operate: conformity to applicable rules, standards and regulations are at the core of our operation and prevail over everything else
  • We act with integrity, transparency and responsibility
  • There is no good news, there is no bad news, there is just news
  • We make fact-based decisions
  • We continuously enhance the customer experience by constant improvement our products, services, and processes
  • We prioritize digitization efforts to improve the customer journey
  • We actively drive European product standardization in our field
  • Leadership in flat attenuation
  • Be recognized as an innovative company
  • Be recognized as a sustainable company
  • Good communication with third parties
  • Improve safety awareness among employees, customers and users
  • Improve sustainability awareness among employees, customers and users
  • Sense of loyalty, commitment and responsibility
  • Satisfied customers and users
  • Profitable and sustainable growth
  • Work towards a neutral Environmental Footprint

Endorsed by

Bas Fleskens, Managing Director