HygienePLUS Value pack

Prolong lifespan hearing protection

With the Elacin HygienePLUS Value Pack — a combination of a Hygiene Kit (small) and HygienePLUS Pack (large) — you not only prolong the lifespan of your hearing protection, you also help to significantly reduce the risk of ear infection, while protecting against noise-induced hearing loss. With this package, you are provided with cleaning products for a year of easy, thorough, monthly and daily, cleaning of your hearing protectors.

The Elacin HygienePLUS Value Pack allows you to clean your hearing protectors on a daily or monthly basis.

• Prolongs the lifespan of your earplugs and hearing protection
• Prevents clogging
• Reduces the risk of ear infection

Pack Content

+ 1 filter exchange tool
+ 1 cleaning box
+ 1 air blower
+ 12 cleaning tablets

+ 1 Elacin Hygiene Kit
> 1 wax remover tool + brush
> 1 towel (for daily and monthly cleaning)
> 2 sprays
> 4 brushes
> 1 user manual


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