Hygiene Solutions

A complete hygiene program to help prolong the lifespan of custom-made hearing protection and earplugs

To keep your hearing protection in the best shape possible, it is important to clean them on a daily or monthly basis. Elacin now offers a variety of hygiene products that help to prolong the lifespan of custom-made hearing protectors and ensure happy users, both in the workplace and during leisure activities.

Risk of blockage in the sound canal

Hearing protectors attract materials like dust, lubricants, smoke and other harmful materials. Combined with ear wax, there is even a risk that the sound canal becomes blocked, so that sound is distorted or no longer heard. This could lead to hazardous situations, especially at work. For hearing protectors to be as effective as possible, they should be worn throughout the time of exposure. It’s key to avoid over-attenuation for optimal physical and acoustical comfort.

To ensure health and safety at home and in the workplace, Elacin has three types of hygiene products: