Elacin CH

Hearing protection against very high noise levels

Elacin CH offers the best hearing protection while working in environments with high noise levels, such as industrial facilities. It also offers optimum protection against harmful wind noise to which motorcyclists and drivers of convertibles are exposed.

The Elacin CH hearing protector provides efficient and effective protection, with average attenuation ranging from 25 to 30 dB. The aerated Elacin CH filter prevents a vacuum from forming between the eardrum and the earplug, providing a comfortable fit.

Where silicone is prohibited

For use in environments where silicone is not allowed. We also offer an acrylic version of the Elacin CH. Elacin CH acrylic is made of hard, durable acrylic and achieves average attenuation between 25 and 28 dB. This version is not available as a mini-grip with a flexible O-ring.

Who’s it for?

Elacin CH is designed to combat hazardous wind and other loud noise.

When do you need Elacin CH hearing protector?

  • When there are high noise levels
  • Riding a motorcycle
  • Driving a convertible
  • To combat hazardous wind noise


The Elacin CH and Elacin CH minigrip (O-ring) are made of silicone with a softness of 60 Shore. The Elacin CH acrylic is made of sturdy, durable acrylic. Standard delivery in a transparent finish, multiple colours available.

The Elacin CH product range includes three versions. Each mould provides unique characteristics for a variety of situations.

  • Elacin CH with integrated grip for easy insertion and removal.
  • Elacin CH minigrip for comfort underneath a helmet or earmuffs.
  • Elacin CH acrylic, made of sturdy, durable acrylate, is used when silicone is not allowed. They are also ideal for people with narrow ear canals.


The Elacin CH range is available with filters with four attenuation levels: Elacin CH25, CH26, CH28 and CH30.
The Elacin CH acrylic range has filters with two attenuation levels, Elacin CH25 and CH28.

All filters—apart from the CH30 filter—can be interchanged. The CH30 filter has a 1-mm canal and is too narrow for swapping compared with the other filters, which have 2.3-mm canals.

Elacin provides exchange-filters on request.


For the food industry, Elacin gladly equips your hearing protection with a detectable bullet and cord + shirt clip. We also recommend the colour ‘blue’ to find it easily.

The above option applies to all versions of the Elacin CH.


To maintain the best possible hearing protection, clean it regularly with hygiene products from Elacin. Clean your hearing protectors easily and quickly with our Hygiene Kit or HygienePLUS Value Pack products.

Special treatment
Elacin CH30 hearing protectors are more difficult to clean because they have a narrow, 1-mm–diameter canal and require special treatment.

Our advice
Use Elacin spray to clean the outside of the hearing protector. For thorough cleaning, place the hearing protectors—including CH30 filter—in a bath with cleaning tablet. For this, carefully follow the instructions in the user manuals for our Hygiene products.


• Custom-made for a perfect fit
• No protruding parts
• Optimal protection
• Made of soft, light material
• Allows ventilation to reach the ear canal
• No feeling of pressure in the ears


The Elacin CH range is supplied transparent as standard. Also available in the colours red, blue, yellow, black and aqua.
The Elacin CH acrylic is delivered transparent as standard and optional available in blue.


If you are looking for hearing protection, send an email to our Customer Service or call +31 88 20 80 600.
We are happy to make you an offer.