Elacin SoloCom Tube

Expansion to SafeSound concept  

Because of restrictions, do not use Elacin SoloCom or Elacin BoomMic in hazardous areas.
As a solution to the concerns, Elacin expanded its SafeSound concept with Elacin SoloCom Tube, flexible tube hearing protection that easily connects to mobile communication devices. It is a variant of the SoloCom in which the speaker is omitted and a connection for the tube is made. The ambient noise is excluded, resulting in better speech intelligibility. This ensures that the volume of the two-way radio can be reduced, minimizing the risk of ear damage.

Who’s it for?

The Elacin SoloCom Tube allows communication through the SafeSound hearing protector and is typically used in the following situations:

  • When noise levels demand hearing protection
  • For safe communication in the workplace
  • When hearing protection needs to work with a communication device
  • Industrial environments
  • Building, assembly and woodworking industries
  • Emergency services


The custom-made Elacin SoloCom Tube is available with two acoustical filters, Elacin AT20 and AT25, and can be combined with the Elacin SafeSound. The Elacin AT acoustical filters are integrated into the housing of the Elacin SoloCom range.

• Elacin RC15 + AT20 acoustical filter
• Elacin RC17 + AT20 acoustical filter
• Elacin RC18 + AT25 acoustical filter
• Elacin RC19 + AT25 acoustical filter


The SoloCom Tube is only available in grey.


To maintain the best possible hearing protection, clean it regularly with hygiene products from Elacin. Clean your hearing protectors easily and quickly with our Hygiene Kit or HygienePLUS Value Pack products.


• Custom-made for a perfect fit
• Hearing protectors also aid communication
• Optimal protection
• Earphone can be worn on the left or right
• Improved speech intelligibility
• Made from light materials
• Easy to insert, remove and maintain


The Elacin SoloCom Tube is made from durable plastic compounds.


As this is a customisable product, please contact our Customer Service department or your contact person about options and offers.