Elacin BoomMic

Hearing protection + communication

Hearing clearly while wearing hearing protection in a noisy environment is a challenge. Combining SafeSound hearing protection with an Elacin BoomMic noise cancellation device is the solution.

The Elacin BoomMic is equipped with a noise-cancelling boom microphone. This microphone is placed near the user’s mouth, reducing background noise and allowing speech to be more easily understood. It is also equipped with a push-button connected to electronic circuitry.

This configuration ensures impedance adaptation and radio screening. It also protects the user against extreme sound levels that could be produced by the communication device itself, except for the non-switch (NS) version for which accepting or interrupting a conversation takes place through the communication device.

The Elacin BoomMic is available in four versions:

  • Elacin BoomMic Telephone
  • Elacin BoomMic Telephone (NS)
  • Elacin BoomMic Radiophone
  • Elacin BoomMic Radiophone (NS)

Who’s it for?

The Elacin BoomMic is designed for hands-free communication in noisy environments while wearing custom-made hearing protection.

It is best used in the following situations:

  • When hearing protection and hands-free communication through
    an electronic device need to go hand in hand
  • Emergency services
  • Military operations
  • Security industries


The Elacin BoomMic is made of durable plastic compounds.


The Elacin BoomMic is available with three integrated acoustical filters: Elacin AT20, AT23 and AT25 and can be combined with the four removable Elacin RC filters that come with SafeSound. The Elacin AT acoustical filter is integrated into the housing of the Elacin SoloCom product range.

• Elacin RC15 + AT20 acoustical filter
• Elacin RC17 + AT23 acoustical filter
• Elacin RC18 + AT23 acoustical filter
• Elacin RC19 + AT25 acoustical filter


The Elacin BoomMic is available in grey, with a black microphone.

Electrical Data (following EN352-6)

Elacin BoomMic TP & TP NS | Sound level as function of input signal
Output [dB(A)] 70 75 80 82 85
Input [mV] 2,6 4,6 7,9 9,9 14

Elacin BoomMic RP | Sound level as function of input signal
Output [dB(A)] 70 75 80 82 85
Input [mV] 34 61 108 135 191

Elacin BoomMic RP NS | Sound level as function of input signal
Output [dB(A)] 70 75 80 82 85
Input [mV] 12 21 37 46 66


• Flexible boom microphone
• Advanced noise-cancelling technology
• Aerated, integrated acoustic filter
• Lightweight and durable design
• High-quality and reliable wired connection


As this is a customisable product, contact Customer Service or your contact person about options and offers.