Shokz OpenComm2

Free to Move. Seamless to Connect.

Revolutionize workplace communication and safety with Elacin Hearing Protection, now enhanced by the dynamic capabilities of Shokz OpenComm2. This unique collaboration brings unparalleled comfort, unquestioned safety and advanced communication capabilities to the workplace.

Elacin hearing protection integrates effortlessly with the dynamic features of Shokz OpenComm2. By linking the two innovations, the comfort of Elacin hearing protection is combined with the advanced functionality of Shokz OpenComm2, resulting in a product that not only provides clearer sound and better protection, but also the freedom to communicate silently during everyday activities.

This combination is ideal to simplify, secure, and enhance the daily work routine. It transforms the workspace into a hub for clear calls, reliable connections, and unrestricted movement.


Enhancing workplace experience

Through the integration of Shokz OpenComm2, leveraging the signature open-ear design, with Elacin Hearing Protection, new possibilities unfold, providing heightened comfort and awareness. With advanced 7th generation bone conduction technology and reliable Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, workers can now communicate without hindrance while moving freely. Whether making important calls or listening to instructions, the Elacin-Shokz combination provides a clear and uninterrupted communication experience. This synergy prioritizes the safety of hearing and communication in any work situation.



Technical benefits

Introducing the Shokz OpenComm2, the latest addition to our product lineup, boasting exceptional features tailored to enhance your communication experience. With an impressive 16 hours of talk time on a single charge, coupled with fast charging capabilities – just 5 minutes for an additional 2 hours – this headset ensures you stay connected throughout your day without interruption. Moreover, its splash-resistant design (IP55) offers added durability, making it suitable for various environments.


Wear Elacin and protect your hearing

When the Shokz OpenComm2 is combined with Elacin custom-made hearing protection, you not only enjoy excellent communication capabilities, but your hearing is also protected at all times. The communication set can be worn combined with all Elacin hearing protection, without any loss of comfort. Wearing the headset together with Elacin RC is particularly recommended. The result? You can converse with one another in noisy environments, as though you were in a tranquil meeting room.


Here’s how it works

After initially fitting the Elacin custom-made hearing protector into your ear, you can effortlessly position the Shokz headset on top. This way, you experience the familiar comfort and protection of your hearing protection while simultaneously benefiting from headset technology.

Shokz OpenComm2’s microphone cancels the noise around, enabling the person on the other end of the line to understand you perfectly. You can therefore communicate pleasantly, without removing your hearing protection. When you want to make a call, simply connect the wireless headset to your (desk) telephone or walkie-talkie through Bluetooth.

High wearing comfort

The classic yellow earfoams tend to itch. Ear defenders pinch, cause headaches and get hot. People who find their hearing protection uncomfortable are disinclined to wear it constantly, a particular concern for employees working in noisy environments where safety is paramount.

The Elacin-Shokz combination avoids such inconveniences by providing maximum comfort, both wearing comfort and accoustical comfort. Thanks to its ergonomic fit and lightweight materials, you’ll forget you’re wearing the Elacin RC underneath the Shokz OpenComm2.


Ordering Shokz OpenComm2

The ideal communication solution that improves productivity and safety in the workplace is at your fingertips. For further information or orders, we are always at your disposal. See here how you can contact us. Elevate the mobile office – where Elacin meets Shokz, and clarity, protection, and freedom converge.