Advance Hearing Protection

Advance Hearing Protection

Elacin is the official partner of Specsavers for the new Advance hearing protection range. 

For more than four decades, Elacin has been the European market leader in the development of high-quality hearing protection and communication solutions. We offer a wide range of products and services that provide optimal speech intelligibility and situational awareness. Our goal is to eliminate noise induced hearing loss.

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Universal Hearing Protection

Best universal hearing protector for everyone and every situation. With the Advance Universal earplugs, we offer a new type of one-size-fits-all reusable hearing protection specifically designed for occasional use in noisy environments.

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Universal Drive

Universal Music

Universal Relax

Universal Swim

Advance Custom-made Hearing Protection

Good health and sufficient leisure time have a positive contribution to people’s living comfort and lifestyle in everyday life.

Wearing high-quality hearing protection not only protects the ears in case of too much noise, for example while listening to music, motorcycling and frequent chores, it also contributes to the sound experience during these activities.

There is Advance custom made hearing and universal hearing protection for everyone and in every situation.



Experiene the powerful sound of your engine: Advance Drive.

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True to sound and with optimal comfort: Advance Music RC.

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Advance Music ER is the number one choice for all music lovers.

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Get the most out of your free time with Advance Party.

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Set your relaxation button to the max with Advance Travel.

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Enjoy your hobby and protect your hearing with Advance DIY.

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Feel like a duck to water with Advance swimming earplugs.

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Advance Relax, always the comfortabel solution.

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Instruction videos and Q&A’s

Find below instruction video’s and the Q&A’s on hearing protection.


Imprint Taking

This training video explains the process of imprint taking and imprint quality for Elacin Custom-made Hearing Protection.

How to use

Hearing protection works best when worn properly and uninterrupted.
View our instructions on how to insert and remove the various custom-made hearing protectors correctly.

Music / Party / Travel / DIY - Elacin RC

Music - Elacin ER




Shipping & Returns


Thank you for ordering Elacin customised hearing protection for Advance. We will start the manufacturing of custom-made hearing protectors and ship them to your branche. Elacin Hearing Protection is a service partner for Specsavers and specialized in in custom-made hearing protection and communication. So don’t be surprised if you occasionally come across the name Elacin.


We aim to deliver your order within 8 working days from the time of order entry and 3D scans.

– Delivery custom-made hearing protection up to 8 working days.
– Elacin keeps scans for 5 years from the date of order entry.
– A new order based on 3D scan from an earlier order is possible.

Can I change my order upon delivery?

You’ve ordered a custom-made product that is manufactured expecially for you. It can therefore not be changed / cancelled after placing an order.

I received the wrong product

Go to the Customer Portal’s online Service Form and fill in the required fields. Upload together with a photo of the existing hearing protectors.

Elacin makes a 3D scan of each ear impression. It’s easy to detect an abnomality comparing the 3D scan to the original hearing protectors. To make this comparisson we need a photo of both hearing protectors.

Once we have discovered the abnomality we will produce and ship a new pair of hearing protectors to your customers home address. We aim to ship these within 8 working days.

Filter replacement

Up to 2 weeks after receiving the hearing protectors, we offer a free filter exchange service. Complete the online service form in the customer portal. The new filters will be sent to your branch as soon as possible.

You will receive a copy of the form in your e-mail.

Wearing & Maintenance

Which hearing protector fits into which ear?

The hearing protector with letter ‘L’ is intended for the left ear and the hearing protector with letter ‘R’ for the right ear. In addition, the filter of each hearing protector has a blue (left) or red (right) marking.

Exceptions are Advance Music ER hearing protectors and Advance Relax and Swim earplugs. These only have an L/R marking.

How to insert and remove hearing protection?

You can find all the details in our instructions for use. Or watch our instruction videos on how to fit and remove hearing protectors correctly.

Hearing protectors are difficult to insert into the ear canal.

New hearing protectors are less easy to insert into the ear canal at first. In this case, we recommend applying some ear cream to the part of the hearing protector that goes into the ear canal for a few days. The ear cream is supplied with the hearing protectors.

How to best maintain custom-made hearing protection

For hygiene reasons, we recommend cleaning hearing protectors regularly with a damp cloth and then drying them with a soft cloth. Alternatively, use cleaning tablets or cleaning spray.

Extend the service life of hearing protectors.

Read our instructions on how to correctly fit and remove hearing protectors. But also our tips on the best way to store and maintain them.

Hearing protectors hurt.

Elacin makes a 3D scan of each impression. If we compare this scan with the physical hearing protectors, we usually see immediately where the shoe pinches. It is therefore important to send in both hearing protectors. In most cases, we do not repair, but we aim to send a new pair of hearing protectors within 8 working days.

Complete the service form, mark the pain point with black marker on the hearing protector(s) and take a photo of it. Upload the service orm together with the photos.

After Sales Service

The hearing protection does not meet customer satisfaction.

Complete the service form on the customer portal and attach photos showing the defects clearly. You will receive an automatic reply with copies of the completed form for your records. If we need a new pair of imprints, please print a copy of the e-mail and send it to Elacin International B.V. together with the new imprints.

Does a customer receive a notification for replacing the CMHP?

The advised replacement date is on the customer card with that is sent together with the hearing protectors.

Do two pairs of custom-made hearing protectors mean two sets of ear imprints?

One pair is sufficient. A 3D scan is made of each ear imprint upon receipt. We use this 3D scan for any other type of hearing protection required for a customer.

Quality & CE Certification

What is the average lifespan of custom-made hearing protectors?

Custom-made hearing protectors have an average lifespan of 4 years. This has nothing to do with the quality of the material, but everything to do with the changeability of the ear canal. During our lifetime, it constantly changes shape. As a result, earplugs can loosen, seal badly and allow sound to enter the ear canal.

Advise your customer to get new hearing protection fitted in time. For optimal protection, we recommend replacing the hearing protection after 4 years. Find the ideal replacement date on the customer card.

What material are hearing protectors made of?

Elacin hearing protectors are made of high-quality silicone material, 50 shore. Except the ElacinRelax which are made of softer 40 Shore-material.

I am allergic to silicone material.

Soft hearing protectors can be treated with a special anti-allergy lacquer. If this does not eliminate the irritation, there is unfortunately no alternative for a comfortable hearing protector.

When are our ears ‘mature’?

It is a given that our ears are changing and developing throughout our lifetime. This is why we we give a lifespan of 5 years for our hearing protection. However, there is an exception for children. From experience we see that the life span of ear protection may be shorter due to the fact that children are more consistently growing and changing at a younger age.


What is the guarantee of Elacin hearing protection?

We guarantee material and/or manufacturing defects for up to 5 years after purchase.

– 2 weeks free filter exchange service after receipt of the hearing protection.
– 3 months fit guarantee after receipt of the hearing protection.
– 5-year material guarantee after receiving the earplugs.

The above covers:
– Cracks or damage
– Broken cord
– Defective filter

Service & Contact

Ease of use of your Elacin branche account

Place an order, view order history and use the service form for after sales, returns and complaints.”

Need us?

We are happy to help. Our customer service is there for you Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.
Chat through Whatsapp, call +31 88 20 80 600 or send an e-mail to”

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Our senses give meaning to our every day life. No better time than now to ensure excellent hearing protection – suitable for any situation.

Meet our wide range of universal and custom-made hearing protectors and earplugs.



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