Sustainability at Elacin: work in progress every day

At Elacin we work on sustainability every day. We ensure that people continue to hear healthy in the long term. However, we are also very concerned about the other side of the concept of ‘sustainable’. We continuously investigate how our products and processes can be made more sustainable. We do this by limiting the waste flow, for example by reducing packaging material. This makes a difference not only in our ecological footprint, but also in the footprint of our customers.

Elacin is proud holder of the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems. This certification is a globally recognized standard that outlines the criteria for establishing an environmental management system. It enables organizations to enhance their environmental performance by optimizing resource utilization and minimizing waste. And this is just the beginning! By adhering to the established standard, we aim to be the European market leader for sustainable hearing protection and hope to continue to gain the trust of customers and stakeholders.

Five years of protection and connection

The durability of our products shows that our products offer a sustainable solution. Where other hearing protectors have long since ended up in the waste stream, ours will protect and connect for a long time to come. Elacin hearing protection has a lifespan of no less than five years. That means five years of pleasant working and good communication in noisy workplaces, without sacrificing comfort – because our hearing protection fits like a glove.

From hand casting to 3D printing

Because we now 3D print our molds, we can use materials more efficiently. We no longer have to update the end product by hand, as we used to have to do when the molds were still cast by hand. This automation of our production process and the smart use of modern technologies not only shortens the lead time from production to use, but also reduces wastage.

Continuous innovation and sustainability

Sustainability is on the agenda at Elacin every day. We are constantly thinking about how we can use modern technologies to improve our products and make our processes more sustainable. But we also think about other ways to reduce our footprint. Think of electric lease cars for our employees, separating waste, reducing the use of plastic items in the office and smarter packaging of products. This also reduces our customers’ waste stream.

Elacin goes for a sustainable future

Sustainable in the context of healthy hearing and a positive impact on the well-being of people and society. But also in the context of a high-quality certified product, with a service life of 5 years, minimal use of raw materials and a small waste stream. We continue to work on a limited ecological footprint at Elacin and at our customers.