New European Directive

Hearing protection from categories 2 to 3
On 21 April 2018, the new Regulation 2016/425 on personal protective equipment (PPE) came into force. The period until 21 April 2019 serves as a transitional year in which the directive replaced is also valid. From this latter date, all personal protective equipment (PPE) must comply with the new legislation. In addition to more stringent requirements concerning user information, technical documentation and labelling, new software has PPE reclassification in the current categories. Hearing protection was moved from category 2 (average risk) to category 3 (highest risk). Each manufacturer of PPE that falls under category 3 must meet one of the two possible quality assessment procedures, described as module C2 and module D in the regulation. This means that product quality must be assessed by the manufacturer. The choice for C2 or D lies with the manufacturer.

As a leading manufacturer, Elacin has already successfully undergone a module D audit, for which the certificate will be issued by a notified body by June. With this, Elacin will be fully compliant in accordance with the most recent requirements in the new legislation for basic protection. The impact on our customers will be made clear. The only changes are a slightly modified package label and updated user instructions. Elacin product quality, traceability and reliability are and have always been at the top of the industry and will remain so.