Elacin has moved!

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The moving vans have left, the boxes have been unpacked and the dust has settled: Elacin has moved!

After 30 years based in Dongen, Elacin International has moved to a prime location on the Minervum in Breda. Under the motto ‘Workplace is a meeting place’, our new accommodation is a place where we can meet and inspire business relations, customers and each other.

Exchange the latest news during a quick cup of coffee in our Meet & Greet were you can just as easily join an Elacin team lunch. A confidential conversation or stimulate the group feeling. Everything is possible in our Atrium.

And if you want a ‘deep dive’ into the finer points of the new Elacin RC communication series and our other products, then visit our Shop & Service.

We look forward to welcoming you!