Ear and Hearing Care for all!

Elacin / World Hearing Day / Ear and Hearing Care for all!

Ear and Hearing Care for all!

Together with the World Health Organization (WHO), we ask your attention for the World Hearing Day 2023.

Ear and hearing problems are among the most common problems in society. More than 60% of them can be diagnosed and treated at the primary care level.

Noise is all around us and ears do not tell us when there is too much noise. With hearing loss, early detection is the key to effective rehabilitation. Once acquired hearing loss is irreversible. To contribute to healthy ears, the use of good hearing protection in daily life and early detection of hearing loss is very important for people who, for example, listen to music and work in noisy environments.

Reason enough for Lyreco and Elacin to join the WHO in putting the importance of healthy ears for all on the global agenda, today and beyond.

Make sure you protect your hearing.

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