Hearing protection that allows hand-free communication

In noisy environments, hearing protection can quickly become an obstacle when using phones, walkie-talkies/two-way radios and other communication devices. Users tend to take out their hearing protectors for communication, putting their hearing at risk.

Recognising this, Elacin developed the modular SafeSound concept especially for safe communication on the work floor. It allows you to communicate safely in noisy environments on your telephone, two-way radio or other means of communication.

SafeSound is a pair of custom-made hearing protectors. Depending on your preference, the attenuating filter in one of the hearing protectors can be replaced with a specially developed communication solution. Result: comfortable and clear mobile communication without removing the hearing protection.

This combination guarantees:

  • Optimal communication with the surrounding environment
    (specific RC filter characteristics), and
  • Optimal clarity of telephone audio

How does it work?

The interchangeable SafeSound concept allows users to hear incoming calls and have conversations without removing their hearing protection. Use the SafeSound hearing protector in one ear. The sound-attenuating filter—left or right, as you like—can be replaced with a specially designed earphone, the Elacin SoloCom. The combination of hearing protection and communication device provides uninterrupted hearing protection and clear, hands-free communication.

Depending on the situation, Elacin offers the following solutions for mobile and DECT phones and two-way radios:

  • SafeSound hp + Elacin BoomMic
  • SafeSound hp + Elacin SoloCom (Lo)
  • SafeSound hp + Elacin SoloCom Tube

Who’s it for?

SafeSound custom-made hearing protection is especially designed to provide uninterrupted protection in noisy environments when using communication devises, like mobile phones and walkie-talkies.

SafeSound is therefore suitable for:

  • Safe communication on the work floor, without removal of hearing protection
  • Access to wireless communication in noisy work environments
  • Anyone who wants to combine hearing protection and communication
  • Industrial environments
  • Building, assembly and carpentry industries
  • Shipyards
  • Emergency services


SafeSound is manufactured from soft FlexFit material (60 Shore) and is delivered in grey.


Choice of 4 filter types, depending on the noise level:
• Elacin RC19 filter
• Elacin RC18 filter
• Elacin RC17 filter
• Elacin RC15 filter


For the food industry, this hearing protection is available in blue.

The Elacin RC can also be provided with a metal detectable cord and ball for use in, for example, the food industry.


As this is a customisable product, contact Customer Service or your contact person about options and Offers.
We are happy to make you an offer.


• Custom-made, perfect fit
• Hearing protectors suitable for protection while communicating
• Earphone worn on the left or right
• Improved speech intelligibility
• Made of soft, light material
• Easy to insert and remove


To maintain the best possible hearing protection, clean it regularly with hygiene products from Elacin. Clean your hearing protectors easily and quickly with our Hygiene Kit or HygienePLUS Value Pack products.