Sound the way it was meant to be heard

Elacin’s earplugs enable you to enjoy your passion to the fullest. From motorcycling to rock concerts and touring
in your convertible to attending dance festivals.
Or even if you just want to get a good night's sleep. We offer standard and custom-made earplugs for any situation.

A good earplug comprises a custom-made ear mould and a filter.
Elacin is a leader in developing filters for custom-made earplugs, and we have developed our own range of three filter types, all available with different attenuation levels — ensuring that there is an Elacin earplug for every situation.


  Elacin filter Music ERElacin filter Drive CHElacin filter Active RC


Even when you want to close off your ears as much as possible, for example when swimming or to get
a good night's sleep, there is an Elacin earplug for you.


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